At each of our locations and in every one of our programs, TLP provides a safe, caring, and empowering community for young people who are struggling with instability and homelessness and who want to build a better life for themselves.  We embrace a philosophy of positive youth development, in which the young person is the expert and the driver of his or her own future.  This is what we believe and what we do:

  •  We believe every young person has the ability to determine their own goals and road to independence; therefore we partner with our clients to create and execute plans to improve their housing, educational and employment prospects, relationships, and health.
  • We believe that homelessness and abandonment during the critical period of adolescence can be profoundly traumatic; therefore, we promote a nurturing and healing environment that encourages the resiliency and potential in each of our clients.
  • We believe that a strong community is one in which youth, staff, and partners all have an equal opportunity to contribute to the common good; therefore, we encourage mutual support and learning in order to create an inter-dependency that helps to improve and strengthen all of our lives.

In this section, you can learn more about the programs we provide in locations across Chicago, the outcomes we achieve, and the extraordinary young people we have helped in their journey.