Gabby's Story: TLP Gave Me the Resources and Freedom I Needed to Work Toward my Goals

Coming to TLP from another program, Gabby found that living in Belfort House, TLP’s transitional living center, gave her the privacy, freedom, and structure that was lacking in the previous program. She states the best thing has been finding a case manager that genuinely cared about her and her goals and was supportive of the open adoption of her son, helping her structure her time to visit him.

During her time at TLP, Gabby has been actively employed, and recently secured a second opportunity with Chazle’s help. Gabby shared with us she already had a job, but needed another to get her closer to her goals. “Chazle’ is not just helping me, she’s helping everyone at Belfort House by making all these resources available and being willing to work with you and connect you to employers”, says Gabby. This second job has allowed her to be financially stable enough to be able to work towards getting her cosmetology license, bringing her goal of becoming a salon owner even closer to becoming a reality.

Gabby soon hopes to move into her own apartment with TLP. We will continue to stand with Gabby every step of the way, and can’t wait to be the first in line when she opens her salon.