Tania's Story: At TLP, I Learned How to Love Myself

Tania spent her critical high school years searching for who she was – and a steady place to sleep at night.  She bounced from couch to couch, family member to friend’s house, dreading the moment when she would be asked to leave.  She battled depression, abuse, and disappointment. Yet despite the instability and lack of emotional support, she remained on track to graduate and make it to college.

In her senior year, Tania took the courageous step of revealing her sexual orientation to her mother.  “Coming out to her was the hardest and scariest thing I ever did in my life.”  In response, her mother kicked her out for a final time and Tania ended up living on the streets, her college dream fading away.

One day, Tania found Teen Living Programs’ hotline phone number at the library. She moved into Belfort House, TLP’s transitional residence, and finally found the care and support she needed at this critical time in her life. She was quickly able to re-enroll in school and plans to pursue a college degree in culinary arts. Now she works as a TLP Peer Educator helping other young people strive for success and learn to love themselves. Tania is a survivor and a visionary, with the courage and determination to turn her life around.