Jessica's Story: I Found all the Care and Support I was Missing

Imagine being 11 years old.  Now, imagine being 11 years old and losing your mother and your home all at the same time.  Jessica was only 11 years old when her mother passed away– a critical time at the start of adolescence when we all need love, guidance, and a strong support system.  Jessica stayed with various family members and friends for the next few years, but never had another real home or the consistent care of a supportive adult.

Jessica knew she needed something more, so she sought out the help of her school guidance counselor.  The counselor suggested Teen Living Programs, whose Outreach Team visits her school on a regular basis.  Jessica connected with the TLP Outreach Team and applied to move into Belfort House.  Through TLP, Jessica found what was missing – a caring and safe community where she could heal from her loss and access the supportive services she needed to stay healthy and strong.

Jessica successfully graduated from high school and is now enrolled in college.  She is employed as a TLP Peer Educator, helping other young people navigate their critical years and move from homelessness to hope.  She is about to graduate from TLP’s independent living program and into her own apartment.  With the support of TLP, she is prepared and ready to face her future.  Good luck Jessica!