David's Story: Working in the Music Studio Helped me Find the Real me

David was in his first semester at Kennedy-King College when trouble started brewing at home. He was fighting constantly with family and his anxiety prevented him from focusing on his college classes. David was eventually kicked out of home, but thankfully found a friend that would let him stay so he didn’t end up on the street.

Just as he was giving up hope, David found Teen Living Programs’ website online.  He was able to quickly move into Belfort House and started working with TLP staff to get his life back on track. He met with TLP’s part-time psychiatrist to learn how to manage his anxiety. He worked with the Youth Development Specialists to set ambitious goals for his future and organize his daily responsibilities. With the help of TLP’s Education Coordinator, David even re-enrolled in college and started attending classes.

Best of all, David blossomed in the Music Studio, a unique opportunity provided to TLP’s clients to use music and creativity to heal from the trauma of homelessness and build skills for the future. After awakening his love of music at TLP, David is majoring in Music Theory and hopes to one day become a music educator. David is already making beautiful music.