Administrative Staff

Jeri Linas

Chief Executive Officer                                    

Sarah Brown

Manager of Private Philanthropy               

ryan paroline

Development Associate

Jim LoBianco

Senior Vice President and COO                 

Kristen Freeland

Manager of Special Events
and Affinity Groups

Mary ann livovich


stephanie piccirilli

Senior Vice President of Mission Engagement and Innovation

Greg O'Brien

Manager of Data Compliance
and Performance

Kaleigh herron

Senior Accountant


Program Staff

Dan'iel Kendricks

Senior Vice President of Programs            

Robert Walker

CaSSA Manager

Jacqueline Ray

Residential Case Manager


Doug Mowery

Residential Case Manager


Amani Porter

OPA Case Manager


Maurice Jelks




Joe O'Connor

Director of Residential Services                             

Raven Whitehead

Next Gen Housing Manager


cara ugolino

Residential Case Manager


Joshua martinez

Residential Case Manager

Seena Thompson

OPA Case Manager




Paviella Foster

Director of Outreach, Prevention,
and Aftercare (OPA)

brandi ingram

Operations Manager

theresa powers

Residential Case Manager


ernisha mcraney

OPA Case Manager

jasmine wilson

OPA Case Manager