Teen Living Programs

Teen Living Programs is a non-profit organization that has supported and strengthened Chicago’s most vulnerable young people for over 40 years.  We focus solely on 14-24 year olds who are experiencing homelessness. We offer everything they need to get their youth back, break the cycle of homelessness, and take the first step toward a stable future. We accomplish this through a comprehensive service model and consistently lending a powerful voice to demand greater recognition, resources, and policy reform on behalf of youth experiencing homelessness.

Each individual and their situation is unique. From prevention and outreach to residential programs, support services, and aftercare, though our services are offered in communities with strong need on Chicago’s south side, TLP’s offerings are designed to connect with youth where they are, physically and emotionally.

Community is a cornerstone of success for youth in our programs. The deep relationships many of youth form with others in the TLP community continue to positively impact their lives long after they’ve graduated from our programs. The agency’s community partners connect young people with additional services bridging adolescence to adulthood. We mobilize as a community to advocate for solutions that will end youth homelessness.

We intend to be the last program our youth need, but the family they can always come home to. TLP stands with youth on their journey to a home and a future with promise.



Teen Living Programs builds community, hope and opportunity for youth who are homeless.  We address their immediate needs and help them achieve independence and stable housing.



To create a world where all youth have a safe home, are valued, supported, and provided with everything they need to reach their full potential.



Generosity  We believe in being open, patient, accepting, respectful, and giving without expectation.

Courage  We invite risk and investment from all our partners in order to aspire, strive, and succeed.

Accountability  We drive impact, work in collaboration, and deliver meaningful outcomes with honesty, fairness and transparency.

Transformation  We foster curiosity, energy, innovation, and growth in a safe and affirming environment.

Community Impact  We strive to create lasting societal change through shared responsibility, inclusion, cooperation, and celebration.