Volunteers  at TLP sites assist staff and supplement the supportive services TLP offers. Whether assisting with answering the phone, updating databases, organizing donations, participating on the Associate Board, cooking a meal, or providing tutoring and vocational skills training, our on-site opportunities allow volunteers to have a positive impact in helping TLP achieve its mission and vision.

Please note the needs and schedules of young people vary significantly. We ask all volunteers directly involved in the program sites to display the flexibility to work with a potentially revolving group of young people and are willing to support other programmatic needs during slower periods.


There are several opportunities for volunteers to assist TLP off-site. Whether it is by participating on an event committee, assisting with organizing a donation drive, volunteering virtually by spreading information about TLP and our events on social media, or assembling TLP Outreach kits, there are plenty of opportunities for volunteers to do great work beyond our facilities.

For more information on current volunteer opportunities, please contact Kristen Freeland at kfreeland@tlpchicago.org.