Meet The Honeycomb Project: a Chicago-based nonprofit founded in 2011, on a mission to engage, mobilize and inspire kids and their families to strengthen Chicago’s communities through public service, while learning first-hand about important social issues. By partnering with organizations across the city, The Honeycomb Project seeks to inform and inspire the next generation of civic leaders through the experience of family volunteering.

TLP has partnered with The Honeycomb Project twice this past month. These two incredibly successful volunteer events, which took place at the Whole Foods in South Loop, have resulted in the distribution of over 70 hand-made lunches to TLP youth. The lunches were specially designed to provide a well-balanced, healthy and filling meal for our young people. Each lunch included a turkey or ham wrap with spinach and hand-made garlic aioli, assorted chopped veggies with hummus dip, and a cup of homemade pasta salad.

We are so grateful to the dozens of families who have shown their support at these events, and it has been incredible to share TLP’s mission with the next generation of change-makers in Chicago.


Every year CEB, a global best practice insight and technology company, participates in a week of giving back to their communities called Global Impact Week. Throughout this week, nearly 4,000 CEB staff members provide support to charitable organizations in 87 cities spanning 29 countries around the world.

This year, in conjunction with Global Impact Week, CEB’s Minority Inclusive and Pride groups from their Chicago office partnered with TLP for a day of service. On Friday, May 12th, a group of 15 CEB volunteers arrived bright at early to Belfort House, ready to help prepare the yard for a productive year of gardening.

It was no small job; the day began with pulling weeds from the roots and turning and prepping soil, trimming bushes, and removing dead branches and bushes. After the yard was prepped, the volunteers brought wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of mulch to distribute evenly on the newly prepped land along the front, sides, and back of Belfort House. The transformation was incredible.

While the work was intense, we could not have asked for a more perfect day. The sun was shining, but the shade was cool, and when it was time to break for lunch, everyone lounged on the outside steps of Belfort, soaking in the beautiful day. Several of TLP’s young people even joined in the festivities, donning gardening gloves and setting to work.

This day of service was an enormous success, and because of the hard work of all the CEB volunteers, Belfort House is able to look forward to a productive year of gardening. We are so grateful to all the CEB volunteers for their generosity, positivity, and willingness to get a little dirty for a good cause!