Administrative office

Jeri Linas
Executive Director
Jim LoBianco 
Chief Operations Officer
Lisa Tommelein
Director of Development
Mary Anne Difatta
Katherine Cummings
Manager of Donor Communications
Kristen Freeland
Manager of Special Events and Affinity Groups
Sarah Brown
Manager of Private Philanthropy 


Program Sites

Ericka Hill
Drop-In Center Manager
Andre Brown
Drop-In Center Specialist
Catherine Smith
Drop-In Center Specialist
Regina Carre
Drop-In Center Support Staff
Dan’iel Kendricks
Director of Residential & Supportive Services
Cory Nietzke
Director of Outreach, Prevention & Aftercare
Paviella Foster
CaSSA Manager
Joseph O’Connor
Milieu Manager
Greg O’Brien
Manager of Program Performance and Compliance Review
Jana Gillespie
Outreach Manager
Dominique Walls
Belfort House Case Manager
Allison Butin
Bronsville Youth Shelter Case Manager
Douglas Mowery
Belfort House Case Manager
Sheri Ruffai
Operations Manager
J.D. Stamper
Outreach Specialist
Bonnie Conner
Outreach Specialist
Felipe Trevino
Belfort House Case Manager
Robert Walker
Belfort House Case Manager
Maurice Jelks